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We are convinced that it is the responsibility of professionals from the hunting sector, as well as that of their clients, to contribute to the preservation of protected areas and the animal species that are their raison d’être.

Our partners (in Botswana, Chad, Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe) share this vision and meet rigorous selection criteria, in terms of hunting ethics, management of protected areas, professionalism of hunting guides, quality of services, transparency of activities and of course, contribution to the preservation of animal species and their environments.


Our partners offer us a 15% commission when we contract a safari for them. We strictly adhere to their price list, without adding any margin. Contact us to book your next hunting trip in a partner destination and we split our commission as follows:

5% immediate discount on your hunt as a thank you for your commitment, 5% for the hunting operator who commits to use the funds for additional wildlife and habitat conservation activities, 5% for our The Faro Conservancy Project NGO, which commits to use the funds for wildlife and habitat conservation activities in Cameroon

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